Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for…and its showtime! Apple will be unveliing what many are predicting to be the movie downloading idea. Amazon came out with its Unbox where customers can download full length movies onto their computer.

There are a few things that these two giants will have to work around to make this concept work and it involves three things that intertwine.

#1. Time-we already know that large files, even on a very fast network, take time to download. Now imagine a full length movie, downloading, taking forever. The way to get around this brings us to the next point:

#2. Quality-the lower the quality the faster it will download. But a movie is already compressed enough, to compress it even more will dip into the quality of the movie. So, either you have to sacrifice quality in order to watch the movie sooner, or you just wait for a very long time. But then again, if it is higher quality, where will you store this movie which brings us to the third point

#3 Storage: A full length movie on a DVD takes up 4 Gigs of space. If you want something of higher quality, obviously it is going to take up more space. You could store it on your 60gig Ipod, but even if Apple comes out with a new Ipod, that is a very small screen! “But you can attatch the Ipod to your TV” might be your reaction. But then think about it, you have to take a small picture compressed to fit the size of an Ipod screen and stretch it to the size of your tv-not a very good picture.
I am very excited to find out what Apple will come out with and see where the world of new media will go!