First off, our seminar on how web video is being overlooked as a way cool tool for marketing businesses went so well we are planning on future seminars and hope to soon be doing conference calls with Conference Call University. Well will be posting updates and schedules and will let you know.

Second, you might have noticed that I use to have a post highlighting a business, but now that post is gone. I talked with them and they decided it was best not to get traffic or too much exposure to their website right now because they aren’t ready to launch, so that is why that post was deleted.

But third, here is the Business Highlight and what it is. At CopperRain we would like to highlight businesses who are using technology. This could be video, or something else related. Today I am highlighting MyWealthMatters from Utah. They are not a client but are using an excellent tool called podcasting.

Check out this article: New Podcast Series ‘Creating Wealth on Your Current Income’ Achieves Top Five Ranking on iTunes. From the article you can see that they had something to give to people and in doing so have helped their business gain more exposure than they ever thought!

I had a chance to interview Jeff Wright with MyWealthMatters and this is what he had to say about podcasting:

1. Why start a Podcast? They had heard about it and thought it was intriguing. It would be a new way to pick up a few more leads. He had listened to the Havard Review Podcast and thought they could do that. And it was pretty easy. They started their podcast at the end of August with the goal of reaching 10,000 downloads in one year. He says one of the tricks is that some people start podcasting and it takes till the 5-6th one for it to get good. They wanted a great podcast right from the start. They had 15 listeners and he said 12 of them were employees of the company!
2. How did you spread the word? They emailed people they had gathered information for. This caused a spike of about 400 listeners then download the podcast, but the number dwindled. So then he started using keywords to help-meaning, people looking for a certain topic, or keyword and people would find them. As of today, 90 days into it, they haven’t had to spend a dime promoting this podcast…
3. What has it done for your business? As of last week, in one day alone, they had over 3,000 downloads. They past their goal of 10,000 downloads in the first month. As of 10/26/06, they’ve had 59,000 downloads. So within 100 days, their growth pojection is 60,000 downloads. With podcasting, you have a niche market that is ASKING for this podcast. They are opting in to listen, so you have their permission to talk. And,whats great about podcasting is, if you had something you wanted to promote to a different audience but don’t have the money to put something on the tv or radio, now there is a new way to do it.
4. So they had wanted this as a source of leads, and now, this has become their chief generation of leads. They have started to rethink their marketing and are very excited about this success.
I say congratulations to them! You can visit their website: to check out how they have changed their website to cater to the podcast listeners.

If you’d like to learn more about podcasting then please visit CopperRain will be giving a class on Podcasting. In the meantime check out CopperRain’s own podcast called the CopperCast.
If you are using technology in your business, email me and let me know. I would love to provide my readers with great ideas to help their company at the same time highlighting a great business!