The first idea about being remarkable has a Halloween twist to it. Seth Godin talks about being remembered today in his post “Will You be Missed.” Remember going trick-or-treating with your parents, or your friends when you got a little older? Can you remember the house that you and your friends KNEW was going to have the best candy? Every kid remembers the house they alway’s loved to go to, the one who gave out the King sized candy bars instead of the small ones-or worse yet, an Apple??

You can apply this concept to business. Are you going to be the one who is remembered as exceding expectations-where eveyone will talk about you, send more people your way. Next year you will have dozens of kids flocking to your place, or will you be the one who gives out the apple and never talked about, or worse, never revisited again?
The second thought on being remarkable is the announcement of the Top 25 under the age of 25 list.

A nominee is CopperRain’s own Cammon Randle. You can read a little about Copperrain and Cammon and then go vote for him!