My husband and I were casually checking out some tvs while my sister and her husband bought one for their Christmas Present from my dad. Cammon explained a ton to me that I thought others might find useful. When looking at HD and Standard Definition, or SD there are two main things to keep in mind about the difference.

#1. The resolution. You know that HD has more detail, but how and why. Well when comparing HD to SD it is a bigger picture, but that doesn’t mean they just take the SD picture and stretch it, it means it is really bigger, covering a larger area. This means that there are more pixels-those tiny dots that make up the picture-and more pixels means a clearer, sharper image.

#2. Even if something is HD, you want to be careful because there are two ways a tv “writes” the picture. Interlaced, or progressive. Interlaced is the old way. What this means is that in one frame the tv writes every other horizontal line of the picture. In the next frame it writes all the other lines and so on. So you never actually get a whole picture in each frame. The reason why we don’t see this is because if you are watching 30 frames per second, thats a lot of frames going by! BUT, with better technology we get progressive. This means that in EVERY frame, the tv “writes” each and every line so you get a whole picture in each frame. Once again the frames are going by really fast, but a whole picture each frame compared to half a picture each frame still makes Progressive clearer. So when you’re shopping for that HD television, make sure you look for a P, it will usually be placed by the resolution like 720p, or ask the sales person if it is progressive. This will make sure you get the best picture for your money!

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Happy Shopping!